Delicate as the lightness of a feather, the Sea Plumes brings versa lity to our collec on. Today, adap ng street trends to beachwear is a reality. The items are transparent in some places combined with bolder cuts to enhance the body and sensuality of every woman. Inspired by the wind, the u ering items of this collec on have both movement and charm, making the Sea Plumes a perfect combina on.











A breath of femininity and romance, Rose Lace is here to surprise you. The delicate items resemble the coral that loans its name to the collec on, known for its supremacy in the Caribbean seas. All our handmade Rose Lace products will take you straight to the coast, with its earthy colors and memorable textures. Macramé, crochet and coral texture are the icons of this intense Caribbean dream.












Found in Caribbean waters, the Blade Fire Coral is one of the region’s most symbolic species. Its bold shapes are inspired by the crea on of each detail in this collec on. The lightness of the blades, coupled with the irregular and tortuous shape, brings movement to the items of this collec on, which also have the texture of corals as a reference in their prints. The colors of our collec on, with shades of re and stone, are a representa on of the coral itself.











Fringes, suede, embroidery and mandalas are part of the items of the Stony collec on. The Boho style – greatly in uenced by gypsy culture – meets the Caribbean beaches. Some of the pieces are handmade with elements that bring uidity and style to the items. The di erent pa erns and colors are inspired by the irresis ble Stony Corals, whose colors change depending on the species living on them.










All roads lead us to Club p Coral. Its harmonic movements make us sail through unknown waters. With nau cal-inspired pa erns, Club p devotes itself to light and modern items that will please even the most demanding women. Using cu ng edge design with a unique combina on of bold prints with more sober tones creates a sophis cated look ready for occasions on land as well as out on the ocean.