Plastic Waste Dominican Republic

Fabiano Rodrigues

Posted on July 24 2018

Plastic Waste Dominican Republic


This footage shows waves of plastic refuse off the coast of the Dominican Republic has been released by a team of conservationists known as Parley. The plastic waste, including bottles and foam takeaway boxes mixed into seaweed, is seen rolling along the top of the waves off Montesinos Beach in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

The activist group has been working alongside collaborators such as the local navy, military and the city council to clear up the plastic waste. More than 500 public workers have been recruited for the operation, according to Parley. Thirty tonnes of plastic have been collected after only three days of work, the group said, though the conservationists believe there is still a large amount of work to be done to clear all the waste.

Parley is transforming the collected marine plastic into upcycled consumer products as a way to bring focus to their cause of reducing plastic waste, it claims.

Le Bain de Mer is an avid supporter of sustainability, for example are our tags on our pieces made out of recycled PET bottle plastic which has been collected in Brazil.

Stop plastic pollution fashion with purpose! 


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